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Homemade “Copper & Steel” Heat Exchanger! -For Heating & Cooling Air

This video shows some experimenting i’ve done recently on how to make a “finless” or “aluminum free” heat exchanger *for heating or cooling air. The unit is made using a long length of 1/4″ copper tubing and a steel “downspout” tube. Copper is coiled up tightly and placed in the tube. Air is then forced down the tube by the use of a fan.

source/image: desertsun02

Heating is both fan forced and radiative (straight off the steel tube). All you need is a source of hot or cold water and you’ve got an air heater (or air cooler!). The unit can be either AC or DC Powered. 12v solar panel or 12v battery. Great for off grid use! the unit as shown works very well and can be used “as is” *but its construction is still under development.

If anyone has any suggestions for improvement, drop a note in the comments. i’ll take in all comments and try to design something even bigger and better! If you like the vid please rate, subscribe (click bell), and share. Note: If using unit as an air cooler: the optimal water temps for coolest air are 39-44F (3.8 to 6.6C) (but even water in the 50’s or 60’s will produce cool air).


If using unit as an air heater:optimal water temps are anywhere from 110F to 170F (43.3 to 76.6C) *or so. And water temps as low as 90-100F (32.2 to 37.7C) will still produce relatively warm air./desertsun02