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Homesteading And Living In a Tiny Yurt For 6 Years

Six years ago, Mike, Lacie, and their three kids downsized, left the city, and moved into a small yurt in the country to try their hand at homesteading. Like so many people, they dreamed of living off the land and growing their own food, and with a lot of hard work they’ve made their vision a reality.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

Mike and Lacie grow and raise a lot of their own food, they earn a living selling vegetables from their market garden and they homeschool their kids from the comfort of their yurt.

The yurt is cleverly divided into separate rooms, with a functional kitchen that has all the amenities, a living and dining room for the family to eat meals and homeschool, a bunk bed nook for the kids, and a bedroom and work space for Mike and Lacie. They also have a full bathroom and even a clever laundry room and closet combo!


The farm is absolutely beautiful with rows of vegetables, a big greenhouse, an apothecary herb garden, goats, chickens, and a duck pond. The family grows a lot of their own food, and they also make a living with their market garden CSA (community supported agriculture).