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How Does a Cars Air Conditioning System Work – Animation

Hey, In this animation I explain the basics of how a vehicles AC system works. I make reference to the pressure inside the system which is really important for the system to work correctly.On average you should have approximately 1.2 – 2bar (17 – 29 PSI) on the low pressure side and approximately 10 -15bar (145 – 217 PSI) on the high pressure side. This is with the system running.

source/image(PrtSc): GarageTech

On a static system (off) you should measure approximately 5bar (72 PSI) of pressure on both the high and low pressure side.In natural form the AC gas R134a is a gas and has a boiling point of – 26.5oC at atmospheric pressure./GarageTech

A high pressure is used to change the state of the gas into a liquid. This is because a substance absorbs heat when its converted from a gas to a liquid.


The refrigerant circulates in the closed circuit, continually alternating changing from a liquid to a gas and vice versa. The refrigerant is:

  • Compressed in the gaseous state,
  • Condensed through heat dissipation and
  • Evaporated through pressure reduction and heat absorption.

Cool air is not produced, heat is extracted from the air flow in the vehicle.//GarageTech