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How To Keep Snails From Eating Your Tomato Plants Using Battery Powered Electric Fence


The snails in your garden seem to have bigger appetites than you? Slugs can cause year round havoc to gardens eating foliage and weakening stems. Sometimes whole seedlings and leaves can simply disappear overnight.

source/image: DIY Perks

In this quick video I’ll be showing you how to keep snails from eating your tomato plants! No snails were harmed while making this video, as I like snails. This method is way more humane than using poisons or traps, as they don’t get harmed in the slightest.

That is why inventors and gardeners have designed different products and have tried to secure beds against slugs by using battery powered electric fence.Electric fences work relatively well, but only a few products are on the market.There is an electric tension between the two parallel copper tapes.


The slug tries to cross and touches both tapes.So it completes the electric circuit, gets a little electric shock and turns around immediately.Aan electric slug fence can be installed in the good old do-it-yourself fashion.Then when the slug or snail touches both wires a circuit is made and it gets a shock and will not go any further.