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4kW Trefecta DRT World’s Most Expensive E-Bike


The world’s most expensive e-bike has arrived.The Trefecta DRT bike has a military grade aluminium frame and is as much motorcycle as bicycle. But with a price tag of $25,000 it is likely to appeal to only the most dedicated e-cyclist. BBC Click’s Marc Cieslak took one for a test drive.

source: BBC Click / image:  trefectamobility

Trefecta DRT e-bike is an aluminum frame, 4,000 watt motor powered, wireless app connected eMobility vehicle like no other. Designed to differentiate itself from other more staid eBikes.

source/image: trefectamobility

The Trefecta DRT can reach speeds of up to 70km/hr and the battery recharges itself during braking or downhill riding.The Trefecta is wrapped in metal and carbon fiber, a military-inspired design which makes it clear this bike can go places most electric bikes are ill-equipped to explore.


The 4kW motor powered by a 60 volt battery pack, the electric bike has a range of 100 km on different terrains and is recharged within three hours.

The pedal system measures the force the rider put into it and electric moto helps accordingly, reaching speeds of 70 km/h.The whole bicycle can fold up into a flight case that fits easily in the back of a car.