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How To Make A Super Powerful Power Bank 110/220V

Large power banks are becoming available which are silent yet provide AC power. There’s a huge range of power banks on the market, and that can sometimes make choosing the right ones for your needs difficult and they are expensive too.

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At some point, you will find out that you will need an extra battery to charge your phone or have some led light and you are in a remote situation and there is no electricity.In that case, you will need a power bank witch is basically one battery or multiple batteries wired in series or parallel to give you the voltage needed for your applications.

In today’s video I want to show you how to make super powerful power bank 110/220V that allows you use almost any electrical device no matter where you are! We used 18650 batteries, auto inverter 24 to 220V, BMS Board With Balance Function and XT-90 connector! Budget of this project is about 200$!


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