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How to Make Fully Functional Lock from Cardboard


You probably encounter all sorts of locks every day.Today there are many different kinds of locks. Some are very simple locks that open with a key or a combination of numbers.Today’s locks feature many different types of mechanical and technological systems to increase security.

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Today I show you how to make fully functional lock model. This lock can be opened only with unique key or lock picker.Current lock model will help you learn basics of a cylinder pin tumbler based lock.

All needed materials and instructions are shown in the video!This is a fun build and a perfect way to get rid of empty boxes sitting around.The video goes pretty quickly, so this instructable will break it down into finer details.


The rotors are the wheels inside of the lock that determine what the combination is. All five must be lined up perfectly so that the lock can, well, unlock. Notches cut into each wheel will also be aligned. These notches form a gap that will allow the lock to release and open.