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Start A Car With A Dead Battery Using Only Rope – “Dead Battery Life Hack”


In this video, I demonstrate a way to start your car (when the battery is dead) without pushing it or using jumper cables.That’s why you should always keep a rope in the car.To get started, the front wheel is suspended with the jack. It gets hoisted up a few inches off the pavement.

image/source: Shake the Future

He puts the car in 3rd gear, and we’re assuming he applied the emergency brake. The entire rope is wrapped tightly around the tire, as if it were a yo-yo. There is just enough slack left to grip the end of the rope with both hands.

This will work the best on petrol cars.I did try it on diesel, but it did not work. Your car needs to have a manual transmission.My brother told me that he saw my dad doing it, so I decided to try it out.


You are suppose to jack up the front wheel (on a front wheel drive car) and put the car in the 3rd gear.Wrap the rope around the wheel and pull it. If you’re lucky (and strong), the car will start. If you were caught in an emergency, would you try to spark it back up on flat terrain?