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How to Wrap Handlebars For Road Bikes Like A Pro

Calvin Jones directs a complete walkthrough of wrapping road bars with bar tape. Includes wrap direction, getting past the brake lever, and taping the end, as well as some advanced tips for a professional finish.

source/image(PrtSc): Park Tool

When re-wrapping bars, begin with an inspection. Adhesive padded tapes may leave lumps as they are removed, and these should be cleaned off. Housing and cables are often routed under the tape. Use thin adhesive tape such as electrical tape or narrow pieces of fiber tape to hold the housing in place.

Handlebar tape can be made of cloth, cork, padded vinyl or other synthetic materials.Arrange the work area so tools and parts are close at hand. Besides the bar tape, you will need scissors or a sharp knife, tape to hold the housing to the bars, finishing tape such as electrical tape for the end and the bar end plugs.


Pre-cut the finishing tape about 8–10″ long (20–25cm) and stick the ends to the top tube. Lastly, pull back on each hood to expose the lever body.The finished job should look tidy and clean for the user. Wrapping also provides a good time to replacing cables and housing. Additionally, with the bar tape off, it is an opportune time to move the levers up or down the bars as desired.via/ read more: parktool