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Huge 1:5 Scale F-16 Rc Turbine Model


Pilot-RC is very pleased to announce the production of what is one of aviations most epic aircraft ever, the General Dynamics F16 Fighting Falcon.Pilot-RC wanted this one to go above and beyond as a beautiful scale model. Pilot-RC found ways to make it reliable and tough enough to actually be flown on a regular basis, and not a problem to transport or put together, all in a package that fly’s brilliantly well.

source.image: DIGITAL RC

The entire fuselage can be split, strategically placed between turbine and thrust tube, allowing for the entire fuselage to come apart with just five screws and two connectors for easy transport to and from the field.Front nose cone can also be removed by unscrewing the pitot tube.Presenting the brand new Pilot-RC 1/5 scale F16, at a massive length of 3.06m (120.5in)

The airplanes wingspan is 2,115mm, the length is 3.060mmm and the weight is 22.1kg. The giant airplane is powered by Jetcat P250 turbine engine producing 34 to 45lbs of power.Fixed Dual wall thrust pipe (for 200-320N turbines).Fuel tank (6600ml) and UAT (250ml).


The airplane is build from full composite construction, lightweight and strong,two piece wing and two piece full flying stabiliser, both fully removeable.Two piece fuselage, with the split strategically placed to allow daily removal of tail section for easy transport to and from the flying field.