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Invisible Mirror Cabin Chameleon Tiny Home


The Arcana cabins were designed by Leckie Studio and Aruliden. Their mirrored exteriors cause them to blend in perfectly to the surrounding forest, which creates a unique, camouflaged appearance. This cabin is practically invisible!

source.image: Exploring Alternatives

Thanks to its mirrored exterior, it reflects its surroundings and changes with the seasons. The tiny 200-square-foot interior is equally stunning with a minimalist Scandinavian interior design with maple walls and stainless steel accents.

source.image: Exploring Alternatives

Another incredible feature is the “portal” window, which spans the entire width of the cabin and provides a spectacular view from the bed.This is one of arcana’s beautiful mirrored cabin retreats outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


The Arcana mirrored stainless steel exterior is coated with a wildlife friendly texture and disappears into the landscape so you can get lost in what matters most.The cabins are relatively small (275 square feet). They provide plenty of privacy and a sense of luxury, though.

Each one features a modern bedroom with lots of natural light, a private bathroom with a rainfall shower, a private deck, and its own kitchen.Each cabin is carefully placed in the woods to provide you with both ease of access and the feeling of solitude.Every cabin is outfitted with a custom designed fully functional kitchen and three piece restroom.

VIAExploring Alternatives
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