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Pulsejet Powered Steampunk Jet Skateboard


Youtuber Bob Maddox, known for building the largest pulsejet engines in the world. He builds all kinds of flamethrowers, whether they’re bikes, cars, pulsejet-engine-powered go-karts, and skateboards, and a lot of them are for sale.

image: Robert Maddox

Maddox is not your ordinary grandpa figure, but a daredevil who knows exactly how to approach life: never too seriously. Bob became fascinated with thrust-powered machines from early childhood, and he built his first rocket-powered balsa wood airplane when he was just 10.

This time he mounted one of his diesel-powered pulsejet engines to a skateboard. Bob Maddox the Crazy Rocketman running the Pulsejet powered Steampunk Skateboard .Powered by gasoline fueled valveless pulsejet engine making about 40 pounds of thrust.


The end result is a pretty versatile device that can tackle all kinds of terrains.Pulsejet engines produce thrust by combusting fuel in a big combustion chamber.They can run with zero moving parts at all, and can operate in a vehicle or stationary.The engines can run on a wide variety of fuels, but Robert Maddox runs his on gasoline.