Home Technology Jaguar NightShadow Concept 1200cc V-twin Powered Motorcycle

Jaguar NightShadow Concept 1200cc V-twin Powered Motorcycle


Massow Concept Cycles has transformed the Jaguar logo into an aggressively styled bikeJaguar concept motorcycle has only been taken up to speeds of 55 mph, but you better believe heads turn as fellow bikers drool. The motorcycle is designed by the artist Barend Hemmes.

source/image: MassowDesign

The big cat is powered by 1200cc Harley-Davidson V-twin engine. The shape of this sleek cat is not suitable for anyone under 6 feet, meant to have feet propped far up front on the pedals as a real drag-style riding machine.

Hemmes made the bike as high-speed and hi-tech vehicle. His creation looks really gorgeous, even after going deep into electronics, power unit etc.Everyone seeing this Jaguar-bike on the road, will gaze after it for a long time.


The specs of this iron horse are also admirable as its design. Having 1.2 L engine, the Night Shadow can gain an impressive speed up to 200 km/h with no difficulties. After that the sculptor molded and fabricated a glass fiber fairing to curvaceously cover the mechanical side of matters. Its glossy black lacquer paint provides the perfect finish for this classy bike.

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