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Jet Blast Destroying a Van – How Powerful Is a Jet Blast?


There has been a video in circulation for some time that shows a van getting blown off the road it’s driving on due to the jetblast of a stationary aircraft.

image: Florian Kollmann

Users of aviation forums the world over, armchair enthusiasts and pilots from all walks of life have long debated the realism of such a situation with many insisting that operators have always exaggerated the effects of jetblast for the purpose of ensuring safety.

Other pilots have argued that videos such as the one below have actually understated the potential effects of a jetblast. Many insist that the video is a fake or animation – when in actual fact its the world’s first real jetblast demonstration!


The following videos demonstrate how much damage thousands of pounds of engine thrust can actually cause.Even though large amounts of power are used for both demonstrations, even idle thrust would be enough to cause havoc to freight trains, baggage handlers and other airside workers if they infringed on the business end of a jet burner.