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Kalmar Ottawa T2, a Fully Electric Terminal Tractor

Kalmar is introducing an electric version of the Ottawa T2 terminal tractor as a zero-emission alternative.Our Electric Terminal Tractors are clean, green and highly efficient. They produce less noise, fumes and emissions, making them safer and healthier for your drivers to operate and ideal for use indoors or out.

source/image: Kalmar Global

With less moving parts and an intuitive diagnostics system, servicing will take less time, cost less and help to improve your machine uptime. Isn’t it time you joined the electric revolution?The truck features an on-board inverter charger that allows the machine to be charged during natural work breaks./Kalmar Global

The machine is designed for trailer-handling operations in dispersed warehouses, container terminals and other applications where short-distance highway travel is required.


The model has an on-board inverter charger, allowing it to be charged during natural working breaks.It also has an advanced battery monitoring system displays the battery charge status and indicates to the driver when a recharge is required.