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Krugger FD Hand Made Racing Car By Fred Krugger

This is a handmade racing car created completely by Belgian niche carmaker Fred Krugger. The design of Fred Krugger FD is set to “blend the boundary between a bike and a car.” Made entirely by hand, the car reflects Krugger’s Belgian style.

source/image(PrtSc): Alessandro Volders

The one-seater took 3 years to build. The car has a Bentley Continental GT engine with 750 hp.The car is being shown at the 2020 Brussels motor show.

The carmaker claims it has created the entire vehicle without any kind of CNC machining or software modelling involved.The car is powered by a six-litre 12 cylinder Bentley Continental GT engine producing 750 HP.


The most interesting aspect is the single-seat cabin that is constructed out of wood. The result is not only reminiscent of the golden days of automotive racing but also of the styling lines from cars of that era too.