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LAFFITE G -Tec X-ROAD 700hp All-Terrain Supercar

LAFFITE G -Tec X-ROAD from Laffitesupercars is the first All-Terrain street-legal Supercar that delivers immense power, exceptional performances, and a luxurious appeal, all in one package.

source/image: Laffite Supercars

With up to 700 horsepower, for only 2,866 pounds/1,300 kilograms, you get the power-to-weight ratio of a supercar (4.09 Lbs/hp) and the best-ever performances for an All-Terrain ready to hit the road.

source/image: Laffite Supercars

The 17-inch suspension travel will allow you to jump and fly like a Dakar rally prototype in the desert, or navigate the freeway and local streets in comfort.


The rolling chassis has been created, engineered and tested for several years by G-TEC Engineering in Europe, directed by renowned racing engineer Philippe Gautheron. Worldwide Laffite’s customers can begin ordering today for a limited edition of only 30 X-Roads, including 15 electric vehicles.

Deliveries will start at the end of 2020. Retail starting prices will be $490,000, with numerous options available among them: 6-speed paddle-shift gearbox, custom luxurious interior, Bulletproof carbon skid plate or even an electric version starting at $570,000.