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Large Flow Fan For Smoke Removal & Cooling In Large Volumes


The Easy 2000 Firefighting Large Flow Fan is the most powerful large-flow ventilator in its category for smoke removal, cooling and fire extinguishing in large volumes (covered / closed parking lots, warehouses, product line, exhibition halls, etc…).

source/image(PrtSc): LEADER Group

With a flow rate of 220,000 m³/h, it allows smoke removal and cooling of large volumes.Alone, it is an effective response to ventilate large volumes.

Several, they offer flexibility of action because they can be used simultaneously to optimise the blowing power. They can also be distributed at various strategic points of a city.


Thanks to its extremely low weight (less than 180 kg), EASY 2000 Large-Flow ventilator is very easy to operate by one person.EASY 2000 large-flow ventilator can be equipped with many options such as 600 mm or 1200 mm lifting table, LED headlight, exhaust extension, blowing or suction ducts, and manual 360° rotation system.

  • Powerful: 150 000 m3/h
  • 2 versions:
  • -Skid (for forklift truck, trolley or vehicle)
  • -Trailer mounted
  • Low weight:
  • -Skid = 180 kg
  • -Trailer version = 325 kg
  • Tilt: -10° to +20°
  • Remote control
  • Elevation of 600 or 1200 mm (option)
  • 360° rotation system (option)