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Life On The Road In An Ex-Ambulance Camper


“This week we give you a full tour of our ambulance camper (we call it our campulance) which we use travel and camp all over North America! We have plans in 2019 to do a full camper conversion on this ambulance, which is built on a 2008 Chevy C4500 and which was a fully working ambulance up until it was retired from service in 2017.”/Living Big In A Tiny House

source/image: Living Big In A Tiny House

In this pre-conversion tour, you’ll see the ambulance as we bought her, as well as how we have been using it as a vehicle to tour with. via: Living Big In A Tiny House.

Not only is our Campulance a home away from home, it’s also a tow vehicle which we use to pull our tiny house around.


We’ve installed a full tow package which means that we will be able to travel with both the tiny house, and the campulance together, or just take the camper for shorter excursions. For us, this ambulance camper is like living the vanlife dream. It’s a great vehicle and has been an amazing home on the road.