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Make it Extreme’s Single Wheel Motorbike Trolley


In this video we present the construction of a trolley to transfer the motorbike. It is an essential construction for the ones who have a motorbike and they need to transfer it on their car to rally tracks or to travel long distances by using the car!

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

Our construction is very functional and innovative as it is very different from all the other common trolleys regarding the appearance and its functional use. Our construction depends on only one wheel to move and this makes it impressive and structurally uncommon.

First of all, we used a wheel taken from a car, which was adjusted on a frame made by a metallic tube. While this frame is being connected to the car, it is being lowered at its back side to enable the motorbike to climb on it. The mechanism that is used to lower down and lift up the trolley works with hydraulics. We used a hydraulic cylinder taken from an old hydraulic hand lift.


Furthermore, regarding the function of the piston, we used a hydraulic hand pump. Also, on our construction we specified spaces, on which the motorbike can be tied to increase the level of stability and safety. Finally, the function of our construction is amazing as well as its road behaviour is better than we expected. It is undoubtedly, one of our favourite projects./Make it Extreme

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