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Making a REAL RC Engine Dyno New NR200 Nitro Engine Test


In this video JohnnyQ90 makes a REAL RC Engine Dyno using the RC NR200 Nitro engine.At the first sight of it, you might think of it as Toyan FS-L200. Actually it’s not. This is a brand-new engine, which is designed by Enjomor R&D team. In order to make it smaller, powerful and durable, our designers make use of compact and lightweight structure, larger cylinder, long stroke and adjustable carburetor and superb craftsmanship.

source/image(PrtSc): JohnnyQ90

As we can see, compatible with the 1/8 scale RC car model, the compact outside body & lightweight structure increases its output power, makes it more resistant even under violent testing, which offers the players better subsequent upgrades and new applications.Watch the video from JohnnyQ90 for more info:

The valve is adjustable. It’s easier to adjust and start the engine for its carburetor and high torque starter motor, even for an inexperienced person. The engine has a higher speed than that of FS-L200 and the maximum speed can reach almost 22,000rpm by changing and adjusting the big carburetor.


As you can check from the video of testing, it reaches 20,000 rpm after the camshaft is adjusted before engines are shipped from the factory. The tiny engine has two cylinders with a 8.6cc displacement, the engine Weight is 800g.