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Making Unique Bicycle That Walks Epic Cycling


In today’s video I want to show you symbiosis of bicycle and walking robotic creature Strandbeest!The Q’s “walking bicycle” is NOT a tricycle that you walk on to get it moving. It is a bicycle that literally walks, albeit just only the rear wheel.

source.image: The Q

In the walking bicycle, the rear wheel has been replaced by a metal skeleton with four legs powered by the pedals. this structure, which is made of over 400 handmade components, took seven months to develop, with the assembly of the rods alone taking up three whole days.

Strandbeest, for those unfamiliar, is the name of a collection of contraptions built by Dutch artist, Theo Jensen; each one of the mechanical Strandbeest creatures mimics the movements of biological organisms with its PVC bones, and uses wind power to move.


For anybody with a genius-level building IQ who’s so inspired by the walking bicycle that they want to build something similar, allow us to point you in the direction of The Q’s model-scale version of one of the Strandbeest creatures. Don’t take this bicycle as a mode of transportation as it won’t get you from Point A to Point B in record speed, but it surely looks like a work of genius engineering.