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Mechanical Ventilation With VENTIFLEX PLUS System & Ground-Air Heat Exchanger

Modern homes require a efficient and efficient ventilation system that, regardless of changing weather conditions, will provide the interior with optimal air quality. Mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation is such a system.

source/image(PrtSc): Ground-Therm Sp. z o.o.

The video shows the VENTIFLEX® PLUS mechanical ventilation with heat recovery co-operating with Ground-Therm’s ground-based heat exchanger in an energy-efficient building.Room temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, dust, dust mites, mold spores – these are the factors that have a decisive impact on our well-being and living comfort.

Bad or improperly functioning ventilation in the home is also a threat to the buildings themselves, favoring the formation of moisture and wall formation. To eliminate this phenomenon, the building must be equipped with an effective ventilation system. Ground Heat Exchangers (GWCs), which we call ecological air conditioning, are a perfect complement to an efficient ventilation system.


In winter, they let you use the heat from the ground to preheat the air supplied to your home. In the summer, this allows the air to cool effectively, providing a comfortable indoor climate. GWC do not dry out the air as traditional air conditioners do, but provide the right humidity. In addition, the GWC operation is almost free – the air is forced through the recuperator fans, which is the heart of the entire system.