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Meet Skidbike, The Ultimate Motorcycle Training Device

The SKIDBIKE™ is an ordinary motorcycle that has been modified with a set of “training wheels” that use an electric ram to simulate a wide variety of dangerous real-world encounters. These could include anything from slippery or wet roads to high-speed chases and unexpected dangers that occur when patrolling residential areas.

source/image: SKIDBIKEUSA

Yet while the design of the SKIDBIKE™ keeps you safe, you practice on a real motorcycle and are therefore exposed to the true physical and emotional responses that are unattainable through simulation alone.Real reactions to vehicle movement and loss of control aren’t just discussed in a class — they are actually felt.

The SKIDBIKE is equipped with 10 wheels + 2 struts + 2 electric rams + 2 wheel carriages + 2 safety wings + 3 way wireless controller for front and rear grip and engine shut down.


The SKIDBIKE device is engineered to adjust tire grip through the electric ram and independent dual carriage system. Safety wings that control the pre‐determined maximum degree of lean angle between 0 and 35 degrees are connected to an attachment bracket, which is mounted to the frame.

The SKIDBIKE is the safest technology ever offered in the history of motorized 2‐wheel training. Many accidents that occur on training ranges across the globe daily, can be prevented or eliminated with SKIDBIKE. Not only does it make motorcycle training safer, but also reduces the required time commitment for student understanding./read more: skidbike.