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Turning Smashed TVs Into Realistic Artificial Daylight

In this video I’ll be showing you how to take old/smashed TVs and computer monitors and turn them into realistic artificial window lights.

source/image(PrtSc): DIY Perks

So that you can have accurate daylight illumination at any time of day. This is all possible because of the technology used inside the backlight mechanism, as I explain in the video. Enjoy!

In this video, Matthew Perks of DIY Perks will show you how to repurpose a broken LCD TV or monitor and turn it into an amazing LED light panel. It almost perfectly simulates daylight, and it’s useful for photographers as well as filmmakers.


LCD monitors and TVs make great daylight LED panels because they make the light seem as if it’s shined from further away. The main reason is a fresnel layer which sits inside these monitors. Matthew explains that this construction enables reduced light falloff, so the items placed further away from the light source still get illuminated pretty well.Disclaimer: This project is done by a profesional, don’t try this at home.