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Meet The Humdinga, A 4WD Amphibious & All Terrain High-Speed Truck


The Humdinga by Gibbs Amphibians is capable of highway speeds on land and speeds in excess of 30mph on water, the 4wd Humdinga transitions between land and water in seconds. the Humdinga is capable of speeds in excess of 30 mph on water and highway speeds on land.

source/image: gibbsamphibians

It also has the ability to transition between the two modes in seconds at the push of a button.The wheels retract, the power train switches from the wheels to a jet propulsion system and the vehicle is in amphibious mode.

At 7m long, it is available in 3 seater and 6 seater configurations making it ideal for personal or commercial use and effective in first responder situations where response times can be vital.


It may not be the world’s first aquatic vehicle but its speed, stature and flexibility make it an impressive standout – Humdinga by name, humdinger by nature. The Humdinga has robust on water and off road capabilities that allows it’s task, be it recreational, utility, rescue or otherwise, to be completed rapidly and efficiently.

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