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Microhaus The Most Hi-Tech Micro-Home In The World


MicroHaus structures are portable and easy to transport. You can rapidly respond to changing circumstances and environments and change your rental business location in hours.The 120-square-foot dwelling comes with a fully equipped, high-tech living space that can run self-sufficiently.

source/image(PrtSc): microhaus

Microhaus has been constructed using 3D-printed structural components and arrives move-in ready with a kitchenette, double bed, bathroom, and plenty of storage. The Microhaus also comes with our fully integrated Cloud Self-Diagnosis System, which provides a new generation of Smart Home amenities, full remote control, and machine learning.

MicroHaus’ natural wood and fabric interiors are durable and beautiful. Designed in Europe and crafted in the USA, the interior elements are also a sign of our modern times.The composite structure is extraordinarily durable.


The Microhaus measures 120 square feet and can be fully assembled within a few minutes! The composite structure is supremely durable, its yacht-inspired exterior is made from fiberglass, stainless steel, and teak. It has a modern, futuristic yet overall minimal aesthetic./microhaus

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