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Microletta Electric Three Wheeled Scooter Concept Unveiling


Closer look at the new Microletta, the little sister of the Microlino. It is an electric three wheeled scooter with exchangeable battery that can be driven with a car drivers license.

source/image(PrtSc): Microlino

When stopping at a red light or driving at low speeds in traffic you will never have to step down with your feet again. Due to the semi-blocking of the tilting mechanism the Microletta won’t tip over even at a full stop.

Compared to a normal two wheeler the two tilting front wheels of the Microletta ensure a much shorter braking distance and minimise the risk of a slipping front wheel on wet and icy roads.


Normal electric scooters are missing something nowadays. Speed! Like the 45 km/h two-wheelers, the Microletta can be driven with a car driver’s license but is not restricted to a speed limit and goes up to 80 km/h./via/read more: microlino-car

  • Top speed 80 km/h
  • Two swappable batteries 100 km
  • Charging time 4h
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