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New ALPHA Wolf Electric Pickup Truck


Alpha Motor Corporation, an EV start-up based in California, has revealed its Wolf electric pickup truck. This is the company’s third EV, the Ace Coupe and Jax CUV have already been unveiled, this one it’s called the Wolf built on the same platform as the recently announced Alpha Jax.

source/image(PrtSc): Alpha Motor Corporation

This one offers four-wheel drive using electric motors on both axles of two-wheel drive with a single motor powering the front wheels with a targeted driving range of 275 miles. Its battery pack can handle rapid charging and a management system for cooling and heating.

The Wolf can scoot to 60 mph in an estimated 6.2 seconds.ALPHA Wolf measures 188-inches long, 76-inches wide and 66-inches high and a cargo capacity of 34.5 cubic feet. Its flat-bed is 65-inches long, 59-inches wide and has a depth of 16-inches.


Inside there’s seating for two driver, the minimalist cabin is nearly devoid of buttons. A digital instrument cluster and a large central touchscreen designed for the infotainment system are the only interior highlights. Alpha Wolf pricing ranges from $36k to $46k./via/read more: alphamotorinc

VIA Alpha Motor Corporation
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