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Modified Outclass Suzuki Every Wagon Lift Up Camper Van


A light van with a spacious interior, where you can load a large amount of luggage and enjoy sleeping in the car.This active wagon has been customized with plenty of original parts for the interior and exterior. Outclass Cars in Tokushima Prefecture specializes in lift-up customization of Suzuki cars such as Jimny.

source/image(PrtSc): J-Auto Show

Dressed in light blue, the exterior of the demo car is far more aggressive than the normal one. The front and rear bumpers are a short type that can appeal to the feet that have been lifted by 4 inches. The 4-inch lift-up kit, which controls the powerful form, is a completely in-house product, not the usual OEM product.

The shock absorber was jointly developed with KYB, which also develops genuine parts.The spacious interior space is a selling point. By attaching a bed kit, you can sleep comfortably, making it ideal for sleeping in the car.Seat cover with retro leather. It is made of a fabric that can be easily wiped off even if it gets dirty.


The retro instrument panel with its wooden pattern matches the refreshing body color. The steering wheel is also wood.A digital inner mirror that is effective for countermeasures to the left immediately before lift-up. The logo is displayed at the opening and ending./J-Auto Show

VIAJ-Auto Show
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