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Motorhomes Of Texas 2012 Newell C2768 RV


This gorgeous home features the Family-friendly floor plan that incorporates a full rear bath with a private side toilet and lavatory located mid-ship.

source/image(PrtSc): Motorhomes of Texas

It also features mid-Ship Bunk Beds, Granite floor in the galley and bath and premium high pressure laminate walls and cabinets.

The bedroom has an articulated over-size queen cross-island bed and 2 huge slide rooms. 3 3,000 watt inverters, 4 Ducted roof A/C’s.


A humongous Cummins ISX Diesel Engine, a 6 speed transmission, and a 20 KW turbo-charged diesel generator. Built from the ground-up in the US, this bus is the ultimate, in purpose-built luxury personal motorhomes./Motorhomes of Texas

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