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New Open Source Interactive Robot – Reachy

Meet Reachy, the new robot made by pollen robotics to explore interactive applications in the real world! Reachy will be presented for the first time during CES2020 @ Las Vegas. Comme to see us on booth50041 EurekaPark.

source/image(PrtSc): Pollen Robotics

Reachy has expressive head, bio-inspired arm, and open hardware/software/data platform. It also comes with mic/speaker for audio interaction. With 7 degrees of freedom, Reachy’s arm features similar dimensions, proportions and movements to an adult human arm. It can manipulate up to 500gr object.

Reachy uses cameras to perceive its environment. It can be programmed to cook food, serve drinks, greet guests, play games, and a whole lot more.Reachy is powered by Luos and comes in modular parts you can combine according to your needs.


The head is animated by Orbita, a unique technology developed by Pollen Robotics’ R&D team. This ball joint actuator allows unpreceded dynamic and multi-directional movement. 
With animated antennas, Reachy can convey many emotions to his audience, happy, sad, excited and more…