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Next Generation Robots: Autonomous Subsurface Explorers


Robots to the rescue? A sneak peek at a new generation of robots that can autonomously explore caves, pits, tunnels and other subsurface terrain.

source/image: JPLraw

TEAM CoSTAR is participating in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge to develop fully autonomous systems to explore subsurface voids with a dual focus on planetary exploration and terrestrial applications in search and rescue, mining industry, and AI/Autonomy in extreme environments.

CoSTAR develops energy-efficient and autonomous multi-modal mobility (flying/rolling/bouncing) platforms Resilient drift-catching localization: CoSTAR develops on outlier-tolerant fusion of onboard sensors such as vision, IMU, lidar, with external magneto-quasi static technology for robust localization in dark in km-deep caves with less than 1 kg platforms.


CoSTAR develops distributed algorithms with confidence-rich mapping to provide precise topological and geometrical maps of the large cave and mine networks.oSTAR extends disruption tolerant communication (DTN) to enable a self-healing coordination of a robot swarm with lightweight communication nodes./read more: subt.jpl.nasa

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