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Nirvana Autogyro – The World’s First Street-Legal Flying Car

Flying cars have been mentioned online for quite some time, but a Czech-based helicopter company, has unveiled the world’s first street legal version, dubbed the Nirvana Autogyro. A mini helicopter that you can drive. It is officially the world’s first street legal “flying car.”

source/ image: NirvanaAutogyro

It was developed by pilot Pavel Brezina, and the two-seater can reach up to 25 mph on the ground, and its gyrodrive can top out at 110 mph in the air. Further, after landing, the pilot only has to fix the main rotor blades along the axis of the GyroDrive and pull out a built-in licence plate to transform it into a road vehicle.

This GyroDrive vehicle is based on a gyroplane, a mini-helicopter, that uses a copter-style rotors to move up and down, and an aeroplane-type “pusher propeller” to go forward.


It needs less than 100 meters to take off and reaches a top speed of 180 kph in the air, with a flying range of 600 kilometers.With an estimated starting price of about $63, 000, the GryoDrive may certainly not be for everyone, but could turn out to be an important transport means in the nearest future.