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Off Grid 4×4 Diesel Military Grade RV By Hunter RMV

What if you have some fun money and you want to buy an RV to enjoy road trip adventures with your family of 5? You could by a truck and a 5th wheel, a class A, a class B or a class C recreation vehicle.RV’s are expensive toys. A class A diesel pusher can easily cost you $200k. Class B & C’s are often $100k and up.

source/image(PrtSc): mixflip

What if you want to go off road and camp away form others off grid using muddy or sandy roads???With a road queen RV? Forget it.But wait….for less than $200k you might be able to buy the Hunter RMV which is a military grade, 4×4 diesel off road RV that fits a family of 5.Watch the video review by youtube channel mixflip for more info.

The Predator 6.6 is an off-road RV converted from the Light Medium Tactical Vehicles (LMTVs) utilized by the military to transport soldiers and cargo across rugged terrains across the globe. The Predator 6.6 is one of the largest and most versatile expedition vehicles available.


It is powered by a Caterpillar-built 225 horsepower 6.6L turbodiesel engine, with full-time four-wheel-drive and 800 miles of range.Inside the Predator 6.6 is a fully-functional kitchenette, a full bathroom, a water purification system, and enough storage for everything you’ll ever need. It’s air-conditioned to boot, with an LP stove and water heater.//hunterrmv