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Off-Grid School Bus Tiny House Built To Be 100% Self Reliant


At seven years old, Chris had already decided that living in the wilderness with his pup was in his future. With several rigs and over eleven years on the road, he’s now in a 2002 Blue Bird skoolie with the capability to be off-grid for long periods.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

Two hundred gallons of fresh water allow him longer stints in remote places and massive amounts of exterior storage to hold necessary components for any unexpected events. Watch the video from Tiny Home Tours for more info:

This tiny home on wheels has a roof raise giving more space for upper cabinets and flexibility with the floor layout. The kitchen is exceptionally functional and is surrounded by multiple desk areas.


Several large windows with a skylight allow an abundance of natural light to enhance the mysterious grey tones throughout the build. Living life on his terms, in his own space, and wherever he wants to be is a priority, and he encourages the same for you!

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