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Old Tractor Transformed Into An All-Terrain Rhino Tank


Youtuber Colin Furze transforms a farm tractor into a fully functional, all-terrain, and steel-clad armored vehicle called Rhino tank.In this video inventor Colin Furze, who is inventing and modifying vehicles, tests his all-terrain armored Rhino tank in the mud.

source.image: colinfurze

The bizarre amphibious four-wheeled vehicle called Rhino was designed by the Greek-American inventor Elie Aghnides, which Colin Furze has inspired from,this four-wheel, five-tone driving machine was designed to patrol and defend the vast open spaces of Alaska and Canada without succumbing to the region’s formidable, varied terrain.To build out his 2023 redesign, Furze started off with a hydraulic dump truck, which he stripped and re-clad with a Cybertruck-like sheet-metal body.

The axles were tilted to 15°, and the massive semi-circular wheels were mounted in place. The wheels featured longitudinal ridges that would serve as additional traction, along with rubber treads on the rim to help it actually grip roads and tarmacs with ease.While the Rhino Tank looks like an absolute beast, its unique design does give up under demanding conditions, like driving down a swamp.


The Rhino Tank’s most defining feature remains its uniquely hemispherical wheels, which are designed to help give the tank traction even on uneven surfaces or when the tank’s at a slight tilt,especially in mud.Watching the video from Colin Furze it seems that Furze is successful in making his way into the shallow water. His Rhino tank can still move around, splashing water all over the placeFurze drives his all-terrain armored Rhino tank in the water.