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Omega 1 Pistonless Engine That Runs On Hydrogen And Revs To 25krpm


Its called the Omega 1 and it is a rotary engine with no seals, barely any moving parts, and almost no losses in the combustion cycle.

source/image(PrtSc): Chris VS Cars

With a traditional internal combustion engine you lose stacks of energy through heat and friction, well with this new engine by Astron Aerospace. They aim to eliminate nearly all the losses associated with internal combustion.

Astron’s Omega 1 has unmatched efficiency, extremely low to ZERO HARMFUL EMISSIONS, unrivaled power to weight ratio, and is the ultimate range extender. The Omega 1’s purpose is to change the world we live in for the better.


The Omega 1 is compact, light, powerful, low emitting, and yet simple to maintain.The Omega 1 engine is based on modular technology, which means that similarly to a traditional rotary engine, you can add modules. It claims a single 16kg engine produces 119kW and 230Nm, with a 1000rpm idle and 25,000rpm redline./Chris VS Cars

VIAChris VS Cars
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