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Open Concept Tiny House with Clever Custom Furniture


Kate and Simon built this 250 square foot off-grid Scandinavian-style tiny house as a cottage and have since started building tiny houses as a family business. This tiny house is 8.5 feet wide, 13 feet tall, and 20 feet long. It’s been designed to be fully off-grid with a solar panel and 12-volt battery bank for power, propane for the stove and water heater, and a cubic mini wood stove for heat.

image/text credit: Exploring Alternatives 

They used a soy-based spray foam insulation, and a natural oil finish for the interior wood finish.We love all the space saving furniture they custom designed for their tiny house, and all the thought that went into making it a functional space for the couple and their young son.

image/text credit: Exploring Alternatives 

The kitchen is massive with loads of storage space and countertops, and they did it without having overhead cabinets which gives the space a nice open concept feel.


The loft is quite spacious and can accommodate a queen-sized bed, and also has built-in storage and night tables, as well as a window for ventilation.

In the bathroom they have a 30×30 inch shower, a dry bucket-style toilet, and they have a grey water tank.With the sliding patio doors leading onto a spacious deck, this tiny house merges indoor and outdoor living space seamlessly.

VIAExploring Alternatives
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