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Opposed-Piston Intelline Modular Linear Generator


While traditional diesel engines have helped power the industrial world for over a century, our Modular Linear Generator (MLG) is designed to address modern challenges, and become the industrial generator of choice for the next century.

image: Kyle Faller

The heart of the Modular Linear Generator is the CAVIE™ module. Our CAVIE™ modules use up to 40% less fuel with diesel, thanks to our patent pending combustion chamber architecture and highly variable piston and valvetrain control.

These same features enable CAVIE™ modules to switch fuel types on-the-fly, and efficiently run with combination fuels.


Our generators will ease the transition to more sustainable fuel types (such as natural gas, biofuels, synthetic fuels, hydrogen), and protect customers from fuel price fluctuation by offering unprecedented fuel choice for generators.

CAVIE™ modules are designed for up to 50kW output from a single module and can be stacked together in a single enclosure for higher power outputs, up to 2MW.