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Oz AutoGate Non-Electric Automatic Gate Powered By The Weight Of Your Car


The Oz Autogate was created by the Australia based company called ‘Shelbourne Trading’. It doesn’t require any electricity to open vertically. This auto barrier gate works for almost any kind of vehicles ranging from tractors to dump trucks.

source/image(PrtSc): Double H Products

Oz Autogate is easily installed anywhere. The gate can be operated with left or right opening, allows for simple installation on all surfaces including gravel, bitumen or turf in city, town and country.

Stock can’t get in or out unless you want them too. This is thanks to the cattle grid style ramps. Eliminating straying, and grid injured stock problems. You can however open the Autogate™ safely and with ease whilst on foot without the use of a vehicle.


It also available in two different sizes, the small one measures 12 ft and the large one measures 14 ft. And they will perfectly fit on any standard rural gate openings.The OzAutogate Farm Gate requires low maintenance, ultimately providing you with long term savings in both time and money compared to traditional options.

Autogate is a must for entry’s on slopes as it eliminates accidents caused by runaway vehicles. When you go on holidays, lifting of the lever disengages the outside gate ramp, making the mechanism inoperable and able to be padlocked.

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