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Peugeot Moto Légère 1913 380cc Starting Up And Riding


Peugeot played a major role in the early motorcycles in Europe. It was made very early motorcycles with V-twin in favor of design and performance.

source/image: classic-motorcycle.com

From 1901 to 1939, Peugeot presented 61 models from 100 to 745 cm3.The Peugeot Légère has 380cc with direct drive with a belt.

The “Moto Légère 2 1/2 HP” offers side valves, an elegant tank with flat sides inclined at the rear to lower the saddle and it adds to the nickel plating an elegant amaranth red paint underlined with gold lines.


It is equipped with a Bosch ignition magneto, Claudel carburetor, Luxor tail light and a Truffault suspension fork. This bike is a fine runner.

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