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PIX Moving Robobus Autonomous Self-Driving Shuttle Car


PIX Moving is announcing Robobus, the autonomous driving shuttle car for self-driving rides. Currently, PIX robobus is operating in tourists attractions, industrial parks and other city environments.

source.image: PIX Moving

PIX robobus is defined as the “transportation microcirculation tool” for urban cities. It can carry 4-6 passengers for autonomous driving commutes of 3 to 5 kilometers on daily basis. PIX robobus provide shared mobility and commuting services in tourist attractions, university campus, industrial parks and airports etc.

The robobus fleets can be deployed and scattered around the main city roads to navigate around the narrow blocks and streets, greatly dredging the city “blood vessels” and leading to a dynamic city mobility system.


Based on the user’s needs, we use the self-driving skateboard chassis technology and POD structure to create a variety of moving spaces, including shuttle buses, moving beauty shops, coffee shops, gyms, cafes and so on.

The Moving Spaces for various scenes has been successfully delivered to a number of countries, including the United States, India and so on. The goal is to bring more freedom and flexibility to life & work. Pioneering & define the next-gen lifestyle with us!

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