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Podbike Four-Wheeled Human-Powered E-Bike-Car Hybrid


Velomobiles are the best in class personal transport based on energy consumption during production and use. It reduce the emissions from transport by a factor of ten or more compared with electric cars on renewable energy and a factor of at least forty compared with modern cars (traditional and hybrid ICE cars).

source/image(PrtSc): Adam Danyal

Podbike is a four-wheeled human-powered E-bike-car hybrid with the benefits of exercise from cycling and the comfort and safety of a car.he vehicle is partly battery-powered and partly human-powered.

The weight isn’t though, at 55-65kg. Podbike claim a range of 60km on one charge, but they plan to use a modular battery system so that you can increase the range if you need to do longer trips. Podbike’s four wheels guarantee better stability and rider comfort.


The PodBike also features protective zones to absorb and distribute impact energy in case of collision. The low centre of gravity allow very high lateral forces without danger of overturning so you can maintain vehicle speed through bends and corners reducing the need for braking. The small frontal area combined with a low drag body result in less air resistance than a racing bike.//podbike

VIA Adam Danyal