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Poliurea Spray Paint Makes Things Indestructible


Polyurea from Polinova Global S.L is a two-component product that, when joined, forms a liquid membrane that dries to the touch in 20 seconds, 100% solid and not harmful to the environment.

source/image(PrtSc): Polinova Global S.L

Polyurea is a mixture of two components mixture Isocyanate and Polyol and a high performance elastomeric new generation coating and insulation system applied by spraying method with high pressure Polyurea Machines.

With fast drying and 400% flexibility in unlimited application areas.If we had to say what the main function of Polyurea is, we would say that it is to waterproof and protect surfaces from wear and corrosion.


Due to its high adherence to multiple substrates, cement, concrete, ceramic, stoneware, terrazzo, wood, metal, etc., it allows a secure and permanent bond with the surface, free of water and air.The fast-setting Polyurea Spray Coatings serve various industries and markets./Polinova Global S.L

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