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PortaMill PM14 Portable Mini Chainsaw Sawmill

The Norwood PortaMill PM14 makes it easy to mill logs up to 14″ (36 cm) in diameter into valuable lumber using your chainsaw and extension ladder.

source/image: Norwood Portable Sawmills

The patented PortaMill is the only tool that transforms your chainsaw into a machine that functions like a real sawmill.You can raise and lower the sawhead to adjust the depth of cut.You guide the carriage and sawhead through the cut.

The PortaMill also features a unique and patented throttle actuator so you can safely and comfortably engage the throttle from the operator station.


Super portable, the PortaMill is the perfect sawmilling solution for very remote locations or for your occasional sawing needs. A chainsaw of at least 65cc or greater equipped with ripping chain recommended. Maximum sawbar length: 24” (61cm).Norwood Portable Sawmills