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Propane Forge Build/DIY – Using a Gas Bottle and a Kit!


I’ve always wanted to build a decent forge and I finally got around to it. There’s going to be some fun times ahead, learning and making all sorts of cool things!The kit worked out awesome! It was great having everything in the kit made to fit a 9kg gas bottle./Pask Makes

source/image(PrtSc): Pask Makes

There wasn’t any guess work or ordering more material than what was needed and it also has the same burner that Alec Steele uses (I believe).The GAMECO kit supplies the gas hardware, Kaowool insulator, the castable refractory cement, and all other needed parts It’s a nice bit of kit!Watch the video by Pask Makes to learn more.

This forge can be used for knife making, blacksmithing, glass making or anything else you can think of that requires heating up stuff to a really hot temperature.


There are laws in every state that apply to the manufacture and installation of gas appliances, as the manufacturer you must ensure that you comply with the relevant legislation and standards.Do not attempt this Instructable if you do not have experience with propane and how it burns.

VIAPask Makes
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