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Protean’s New Module Gives 360-Degree Manoeuvrability – The Protean360+


Wheel-hub motor specialist, Protean Electric, has presented a new module that combines powertrain, steering and suspension technologies in a single component.Called Protean360+, the module allows unrestricted 360-degree steering capability.

source/image: Videos zur Elektromobilität

When the Modul arm rotates 360 degrees, the complete component rotates as well. Thus the cable connections are not twisted or pulled.The electric driving force is provided by a ProteanDrive wheel hub motor. This uses a synchronised permanent magnet motor with integrated inverter and dedicated coolant circuit, all enclosed within the wheel rim.

The motor has an external rotor to maximize torque; this design allows installation of the rare earth magnets without performance reducing brackets. Each ProteanDrive Pd18 motor suitable for 18″ wheels delivers 1250 Nm of torque and 80 kW (107 hp) of power at its peak.


Once stationary, the pneumatic ride height control of Protean360+ will enable the vehicle to ‘kneel’, dropping the vehicle entry-point to kerb level.This will accord a step-less and (almost) gapless ingress and egress for heavy or cumbersome loads or for passengers with impaired mobility.

VIAVideos zur Elektromobilität
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