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PteroDynamics X-P4 Transwing Drone VTOL Aircraft


PteroDynamics X-P4 Transwing is a unique vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft design that folds its wings uniquely during flight to transition between configurations optimized for vertical and horizontal flight.

source/image: PteroDynamics Inc

It is strikingly different from all other VTOL aircraft designs.The Transwing® platform is protected by four granted and 15 pending patents in 11 jurisdictions around the world.

Transwing® aircraft have key advantages over other vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft for certain missions, including a smaller operating ground footprint and greater wind resistance in its takeoff and landing configuration.


And can be tailored for mission objectives, such as faster or slower nominal cruise speeds, greater payload weight fraction capability, and/or longer range and endurance.The company’s X-P4 prototype measures 6.6-feet long and has a 13.1-foot wingspan, powered by two propellers in forward flight and another pair in the back for vertical landing.

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