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Purple Monster Tiny House Is For Traveling Military Family

In this video, my long-time tiny house friend Cheryl Coates of Tiny Diamond Homes in Colorado gives us a tour of one of their latest creations that the new owners dubbed “The Purple Monster.”

image/text credit: Tiny House Listings

The owners, a military family that moves around when re-assigned to a new duty station, decided tiny house living was a good idea for them. When it’s time to move, hitch up and go! Thanks Cheryl for the tour!

image/text credit: Tiny House Listings

When does a tiny house get so big that it stops being, well a tiny house? It’s anyone’s guess, but the Purple Monster can’t be too far off.The Purple Monster meanders 38 feet over a triple-axle trailer and features a private master bedroom over the gooseneck as well as a more conventional sleeping loft at the other end.


Based on a custom triple-axle gooseneck trailer, it includes 340 sq ft of floorspace just on the ground floor – not including the sleeping loft – and is 10 ft-wide, well over the 8.6 ft legal towing width for standard trailer towing in the United States.

The living room’s under the loft, and in the middle are a fairly huge kitchen and bathroom. At 340 square feet the Purple Monster isn’t quite as big as a park model, but it’s definitely getting up there.